Sunday, June 26, 2016

Western Carolina Dock Diving Dogs

We saw a blurb in the paper about a dock diving event in Waynesville, not too far from us. So off we went. After a detour due to a missed turn, we arrived at the facility. I think we were the only spectators that didn't have a dog participating. We missed the agility trials.

We'd never seen dock diving in person, only on TV. So this was fun!

The first dog we saw was Angus, a little black cock-a-poo. The motto "Where dogs fly" was very appropriate for all these dogs!

 photo Angus0616.jpg

Next up was a gorgeous golden retriever, a natural for this event.

 photo golden0616.jpg

One foot touches down...

 photo goldenfootin0616.jpg

And he's in!

 photo goldensplash0616.jpg

(only overshooting by a little) (overshooting happens a lot).

Then we had an impressive border collie, who launched herself off the dock.

 photo bctakesoff0616.jpg

Each dog got to have a few practice jumps and then two jumps that were judged for distance. The border collie did very well. The focus and concentration on their faces was really something to see.

 photo bcmidair0616.jpg


 photo blackdog0616.jpg


 photo bwjumps0616.jpg

Then came Avery. Avery would run full-out to the edge of the dock and then come to a stop and have to be urged to jump in, which made her jumps, particularly this one, lack a certain finesse (and distance).

 photo aussiefaceplant0616.jpg

However! She rallied and did go sailing off for her second jump.

 photo aussiejump0616.jpg

And she nails the landing!

 photo aussielands0616.jpg

This little dog was not at all afraid of hurling itself into the water.

 photo littledog0616.jpg

This was the last dog that we saw. For this jump, a young boy tossed the first ball out, a yellow one. The dog, like most of the others, started at the back of the dock and ran full speed to the pool and launched himself. The ball was not launched quite as far and fast....

 photo shepherd1-0616.jpg

The ball was directly above the dog briefly--

 photo shepherd2-0616.jpg

And then the dog was pretty far ahead of the ball and probably starting to wonder where it was...

 photo shepherd3-0616.jpg

Ok, he's SURE he saw the boy throw a ball....

 photo shepherd4-0616.jpg

The event had its official finish, but the dogs were invited to take a few more jumps, so this one got more chances at the yellow ball, with an adult throwing it, and it did very well. Amazing height and distance.

 photo shepherdcatch2-0616.jpg


 photo shepherdcatch0616.jpg


 photo shepherdlanding0616.jpg

I got one final one where once again the dog was simply too fast for the ball. Indeed, "where dogs fly."

 photo shepherdjumping0616.jpg

It was a fun afternoon!

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