Friday, June 20, 2014

Lake Chatuge

We took a drive through the mountains to visit Lake Chatuge, near Hayesville, NC. It's about 25 miles from our house, give or take a few. When we left home, the sky was looking rainy but we decided to go anyway. En route we went through heavy rain and then came out into blue sky and sunshine. We stopped in Hayesville to get gas and pick up something to have for lunch by the lake. We got directions to the Clay County Recreation Area.

It was perfect! Unfortunately, when we arrived, the clouds were very dark and thunder was booming. Right before the rain came in, I took the camera down to the lake to get a photo of the water and mountain backdrop. Sorry if this is so big that it has to be scrolled.

 photo lakechatuge061814.jpg

As soon as I took that, the rain started--and I mean a downpour! More loud thunder, lightning flashing. The lake got whitecaps. We had our lunch in the middle of the shelter, where the windblown rain couldn't quite reach our table. When it let up a bit, we ran back to the truck to leave.

On the way out we decided to check out the campground that is inside of the rec area. Sites with water and electric are only $14 a night! Only a few sites have a lake view, but the picnic area is adjacent to the campground so it is a short walk to great lake views. The sites were spaced reasonably apart, seemed level. Most if not all were back-ins. Only 2 sites were empty.

I plan to call sometime and find out if sites can be reserved. I would hate to tow my camper over the mountains only to discover that no sites were available.

One could put a kayak in from the picnic area. We also came to 3 other boat ramps within 5 miles of the park on our way home. We are going to go back again someday when it won't be pouring rain, and find the best place to launch. This lake would be a wonderful paddling spot.

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tinycamper said...

What a beautiful view. I just love how those mountains have the blue (and in this case gray) cast to them that is more apparent the farther the eye travels.