Monday, May 27, 2013

Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA

It's been a while since I visited Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. It's a really nice place with not just areas of gardens and a butterfly conservatory (oddly bereft of butterflies when I was there) but hiking and biking trails as well as gift shops and restaurants on the property. So! Let's look at some flowers!

 photo orangeflowers0513.jpg


 photo orchids0513.jpg


 photo spidery0513.jpg

There is a nice little waterfall area in the Horticulture Center. This little guy was in the area at the top, stretching up for the little bit of sunshine that there was:

 photo insunlight0513.jpg

Meanwhile, here's the view of the bottom of the waterfall:

 photo waterfall0513.jpg

Since there are a lot of areas to walk, they have kindly put benches along the paths.

 photo bench0513.jpg

More flowers:

 photo yellow0513.jpg


 photo purples0513.jpg


 photo pinklong0513.jpg


 photo lily0513.jpg

Some of the benches near the Horticulture Center are suspended by chains, in case you want to swing...

 photo bench2-0513.jpg

The walls in the Horticulture Center are rock, with many plants growing among them.

 photo rockplant0513.jpg

And a few more flowers:

 photo orchid0513.jpg


 photo oranges0513.jpg

I definitely recommend that you make a trip to Callaway Gardens if you are going to be in the area!