Sunday, May 22, 2011

More From the Yard

I hope to get to a nearby gardens soon to play more with the new lens, but in the meantime I took it outside the other day to our needle cactus, which is blooming. While I did get a photo of a flower from a reasonable distance (I'm sure such a photo will show up here soon), I actually liked this one of the petals best:

On my way back to the house to see how that came out, I snapped this one of some red flowers we have in a hanging pot near the water garden:

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Around the Yard

I decided to take some photos around the yard, now that things are in bloom.

First, every year we get a lot of caterpillars on our fennel plant, swallowtail butterflies to-be. We have only once been lucky enough to find a crysalis and see it open.

I took this one of a gardenia....the photo itself was kind of boring so of course I had to tinker with it. It's now either dramatic or still boring, depending on how you see it...

And then to the needle cactus, which will be bursting with yellow flowers soon.

And the gerber daisies...

...and finally, the hydrangea.

I hope your spring is going well!