Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward

Spring is springing, hurray! I wandered around the yard with the camera to see what I could see. Here's what I ended up with.

The azaleas are starting to come out.

In addition, although it is normally a colder-weather plant, our strawberry plants have decided to pop out some berries for us. They are still green, but getting big!

While I was over there, I got one of the blossoms with a berry started in the middle. I haven't processed in black and white for a while.

And now let's check out the dogwood, which has more blossoms this year than ever before (it's relatively new).

Here's a very typical Florida sight, particularly on warm days. I caught this guy just emerging from between two old pieces of fence.

I passed the birdfeeder on my way back to the house, where an unusual visitor had just alighted.

I guess he decided it was a little unseemly for a woodpecker to be eating at a feeder, so he retreated to a tree.

What a gorgeous day to be outside. We are trying to take full advantage of all these days, knowing that the torrid summer is slowly making its way toward us...

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Vicki said...

Beautiful pictures as always. I love the strawberries, literally!! I can't wait until June when we have fresh strawberries here. Enjoy the spring weather.