Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Sawyer

As I mentioned in my paddling blog recently, we tragically lost our youngest dog (she was not quite a year old; she appears in previous posts in this blog). We were enveloped in grief and inconsolable. The house became a black hole that we found reasons to stay away from.

It's too difficult to live with this much sadness; we had to bring joy back to the house. The best way (in our opinion) to do that when the loss of a pet has taken it away is to get a new pet. Not a replacement, but rather a return to happiness.

After much searching for the right breed (our large dogs are all strays and rescues; we tend to go with specific breeds for small dogs), we settled on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are nicknamed "comfort dogs," and seemed right in every way. How fortunate that a litter was available only an hour away!

So here is Sawyer!

Of all the dog beds we have, he chose that one as his favorite, and spends a fair amount of time dozing in it.

He has the trademark "thumbprint" on top of his head, as you can see in this photo.

Here is the story about that mark:

The Duchess of Marlborough is credited with imprinting the characteristic ‘lozenge’ or thumbprint mark on the top of the Blenheim Spaniel’s head. As the story goes, she rubbed a pregnant spaniel’s head with her thumb out of worry for her husband while he was in France, leading his troups to victory against Louis XIV at the battle of Blenheim.

He gets along well with the other pets. Miraculously, when he arrived here at nine weeks of age, he was nearly totally housebroken--I've never experienced such a thing! In a week's time he has had very few accidents in the house, and those were because we were too slow to take him out (he's so good that we forget he is just a puppy and we get lax). He is cuddly and loving and silky soft. He sits on the chair with one of us when we watch TV, and is at my feet whenever I am on the computer. This time around we didn't even attempt to follow proper puppy protocol--he has slept in the bed with us every night from the day I brought him home. He sleeps soundly all night with no problems.

He likes playing in the yard (very closely supervised) with his toys as well.


I hope that he will make many appearances in this blog as he grows up. He is a pure delight to us and has been a wonderful healing presence in the house. Joy has returned.


erin said...

oh! i could gobble him up! so cute...congratulations!

Kimberlee said...

OMG!!! He's perfect!!! What a great Rx for boredom or the blues...a big dose of puppy! :)

Sandra said...

Peggy, I am in the process of creating today's post with my comfort dog. Sawyer is absolutely beautiful and perfect. Comfort Dog is so true. He will be so pretty when he is full grown. thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

It is me again, I posted today's blog, I think you will relate.

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