Friday, August 01, 2008

Lens Test

So I got this new camera lens today and I went out to test it, as one always should when one gets a new lens. Make sure there are no flaws--take the time to check all the corners of your photos on your computer screen. That seems to be a hot area for lens flaws.

It was raining a tiny bit, not enough to damage the camera or lens. I wandered around the yard, zooming in and out to test the whole range. I got this and that, and was returning to the house to check out the photos on the computer when I spotted this dragonfly on a plant. It just sat there so this seemed to be a good opportunity to test the close-up capability of the lens.

I intended to discard all the photos I took since they were just to test the lens. But I liked this one, so I am posting it here.

Not a bad lens; I think I'll keep it....

1 comment:

Silbs said...

Keep the lens and the picture!