Sunday, August 10, 2008

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

I've been playing with scenics lately so I can tinker with HDR. I see why some people don't care for it, either to produce it or see it. I'm not sure yet whether I will do much of it--when it works, I like it a lot, but when it doesn't, your photo is far better off without it.

I spent a lot of time with this photo, taken on a road near my house and it always was better with HDR.

On the other hand, I could not get proper sky color with this one. I went back and made some changes to the settings and ended up with a sort of odd, quasi-HDR photo, but I like it.

I think the subject matter is very important if you want to play with this. It's useless with my bird photos, but has potential with some scenics.

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