Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bart Update

Well, Bart (all three of them) are still living on the property, although Bart sightings have become fewer and farther between. We hear them a lot and know they are close by but have not seen one except the flapping of large brown wings (speaking of which, we found a Bart feather on the driveway recently, how cool was that?) when one was near the house and we startled it. Today at lunch, however, DH was out feeding the fish in the water garden and called to me (through the delightfully-open windows...fall may be on the way after all) to tell me Bart was watching him from a nearby tree. After he came in (having both of us out there at once seems to make the Barts nervous) I went out with the camera. Bart actually stayed right there for three successive trips as I try to get the exposure setting right for a bird sitting in the shade in a tree.

As I type this, he is still on that branch. We think this is Baby Bart, who has always been less shy.

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