Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bart Bathes

We finally got around to naming the barred owl that was born near our house several months ago and has been hanging around with his folks in our trees ever since. He sits low in a tree sometimes and whistles back and forth with us (he whistles a lot--we call it whistling, some barred owl sites call it wheezing or hissing). We suspect that one member of the owl family is the reason we are missing a goldfish from a pool in the water garden; I recently spotted Bart sitting on the picket fence that surrounds the water garden area. I was about 7 feet away looking out the bedroom window down at him. He couldn't see me because of reflections, but when I moved to another window for a closer look, he did spot me and flew off. He's been back at least once, though, waggling his head around as he looks into the pools.

Bart (he's getting big enough and getting adult color to the extent that we can't be sure from a distance if it actually is Bart or one of the adults, so we have named all three of the owls Bart) likes to bathe in the kiddie pool we have in the back yard for the dog (who drinks out of it but isn't much for getting into water). I took the screen out of the kitchen window to facilitate photos of this event. I missed him in the water this morning since the camera was in another room and he was out by the time I got back, but I did get him sitting on the edge drying off.

I'll get him in the water sometime. I also took a screen out of the bedroom window in case I can catch him on that fence again.

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Sunday Morning Blogger said...

Love the Owl shot. I managed to get on at Brooker Creek not long ago. Lucky to have one in your own backyard.
Sunday Morning Blogger