Monday, July 09, 2007

True Miscellanea

You can always tell when I have too much time on my hands... I start playing with photos. We'll get to those in a moment. First, a couple of legitimate ones.

Our hosta plant on the front steps (in a container, of course, not just on the steps) has finally decided to start blooming!

So there's that.

Dear Husband was on vacation last week, and on Saturday we went to St. Marks NWR, as we like to do now and then. Of course I took the camera, but it just wasn't a great day for photographs. The only one I really liked is a panorama I took of the marshy area near the lighthouse. The water winds around through the grassy islands for a very long way.

And that was all I got that I was really happy with. Well, I find that the best thing you can do with so-so photos that you don't want to abandon forever is to tinker a bit with them. This photo of a sailboat in the Gulf was kind of boring. However, I think it makes a fine painting.

Here's another picture of the marshy side of the roadway leading to the lighthouse that turned out more interesting as a sketch than as a photo.

And last but not least, this bird just didn't sing to me as a photo. I'm not actually entirely sure what you would call this final product, but at least it is different...

So there you go.

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