Friday, June 01, 2007

The Town of Madison, Florida

I had to run some errands in Madison, a town near where I live (home of Lake Frances, with wood ducks), so I decided to take the camera and get a few photos to post here.

Madison is an interesting town with buildings of various architectural styles and painted various creative colors. Here's a small Mexican restaurant that is easy to spot despite its size.

I didn't see a date on this building, but I imagine it has been around awhile and just has a colorful facade to update it (someone really needs to clean that awning!).

Meanwhile, this cafe doorway is very inviting.

Madison is the county seat and so is home to the courthouse.

I decided to take a drive down to see the Amtrak train station. I would say it's fairly modest and understated...

On the other hand, there is a decrepit, abandoned building across the street from the tracks; I wonder if it was once the train station or a freight depot. I can just see passengers waiting on that platform in front.

(or of course I could be wrong and it used to be a hardware store...)

In addition to the various styles of business buildings, Madison has a wide variety of residential housing. Some people live in houses like this

(that's a house, not a bed-and-breakfast inn), or this

or this.

And some people live in houses like this

or this

or this.

And speaking of bed and breakfast inns, I found this to be interesting. Not sure if the sign is just poorly placed or they are actually referring to that house.

Madison is a very old town, and it has a wonderful old cemetery. My husband and I found a stone here for a person born in the late 1700's. I couldn't find that one today, but I did find these, all for people who lived the entirety of their lives in the 1800's.


(that one is hard to read--1826-1856)

Born in 1825! This cemetery has stones from that far back and from last year. It's a fascinating place to visit if you like that sort of thing.

So that's a very mini-tour of Madison, Florida!

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