Saturday, March 17, 2007

Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida

I was in Melbourne, Florida, for a short stay and decided to visit the Brevard Zoo. Took the camera, of course.

I highly recommend visiting this zoo if you are going to be in the area. It’s a habitat zoo, which means that most of the animals are in their natural environment, if a somewhat smaller version of that environment than normal for them. It’s certainly photo-friendly.

It’s hard to know where to start, and if you are on dial-up, you probably have time to go out and have a meal, see a movie, attend a symposium in the time it will take this post alone to load. You have been warned…

I will start with the open aviary since I took many photos there. This is a very neat area—you walk into a large room, much like you find with butterfly exhibits. The birds are just flying around and perched nearby, and you can feed them from small cups provided by zoo personnel. So let’s start there. Here are the photos I took in that exhibit:




You can feed the birds in this aviary, and one young visitor offered a small cup of food to these colorful friends:

This cute little duck was in a pond in another area of the zoo.

The kangaroos were of particular interest on this trip. They seem very laid back. This photo of a male seemed a little like what I would call ’roo porn—and since this is a G-rated blog, I have blurred out the naughty bits… I was tempted to add a cigarette, martini glass, and lava lamp to the photo.

This must be that 'roo's significant other, looking long-suffering...

I was extremely happy to see African crowned cranes there. I have a Webshots wallpaper picture of one of these birds that is a favorite, so it was nice to take some of my own, even if I didn’t travel to Africa to get them.


There were flamingoes,

an emu that didn’t seem to want its picture taken,

and this bird that looks like the guy at the office with the really bad toupee--

As well as this one that looks like a really crabby neighbor we had when I was a kid.

They say that everything is beautiful in its own way...

Capybara, it turns out, are the largest rodents in the world (not this particular one, but these in general).

Here’s a small African impala-like goat-sized animal (don’t remember what it is, but it was cute)

There was an impressive jaguar exhibit.

There are a lot of primates at this zoo. I like this picture, even though it doesn't really show the animal. So I include it here.

This is some kind of crane (I’m guessing…)—its tail feathers were like long ribbons, waving in the breeze.

And of course, a blue parrot.

What a day! Again, do visit this zoo if you get a chance!

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