Friday, February 02, 2007

Two Ponds in Tallahassee, Florida

It’s still a bit cold and/or rainy to be paddling, but I decided to walk around a few ponds in nearby Tallahassee to try out the new 500mm lens. This lens won’t be going paddling with me, but I wanted to see how it did taking photos of birds from a shoreline, which will be its most common use.

I picked a bad day. We had a major heavy rainstorm last night (the outskirts of the tornadoes that tore up central Florida) and so the ponds I visited (Waverly Pond and small Leon Lake) had been stirred up and so were very muddy with a lot of shoreline debris in them. And of course the sky was overcast.

Nonetheless, I like the lens! This pair of hooded mergansers were on (brown) Waverly Pond.

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The only other birds in sight were Canada geese, including this one resting in the grass.

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This one was relaxing by what we call a “tulip tree.”

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On Leon Lake I saw only two cormorants and that was it for its bird population this afternoon. I did get this photo and I am pleased with the detail, considering how far away I was.

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I look forward to more play time with the lens under better weather conditions.

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